Change Document Type (Attached Docs/Supplements)

In October 2018 we created a new type of document (Private) in Attached Docs/Supplements that allows agents to attach a document to their listing but keep it hidden from all users except for themselves, their office's management hierarchy and SmartMLS staff.  

This new Private document is the default, and will appear at the very top of the Supplement Type list whenever you go to upload any document to a listing:


It is imperative that you use the drop down list to select the appropriate Supplement Type every time you upload a document to your listings.  If you do not, your document will be saved as private and no other Matrix users (except for you, your office's management and SmartMLS staff) will be able to see the document.

There are two different places on the Manage Supplements form that allow you to set the Supplement Type of the document you are uploading:


1. You can use the drop down on the left side of the screen, when you are first searching your computer for the document you want to attach to your listing.  This applies to a document that you are in the process of uploading (you have not yet saved it to the listing). 

2. You can also use the drop down menu on the right side of the screen, after you have found the desired document and are brought back into Matrix.  This applies to a document that you have already uploaded/saved to the listing.

Either one of these drop down lists will do the trick.

Remember to click Save when you are done.


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